Justin Ferriman


WordCamps will eventually become a thing again. The clock is going to be re-set a few years.Remember when WordCamps were a thing?


If you are creating a WordPress plugin today, then you probably have just assumed that you should have a free version. I mean, it makes sense. You can potentially get a ton of exposure right away from the WordPress Repo.


I have a confession…

I don’t know much about how to code. Okay, to be more specific… I don’t know how to code at all (and I am super jealous of those that do).


If you are selling a WordPress product then you have some very good options available to you for e-commerce.


Just like “lifetime support & updates”, renewal discounts are becoming a thing of the past.


I prioritize happiness over profits, and it pays off.

What you'll find…

  • My #entrepreneurship insights & tactics that have made millions of dollars.
  • Life hacks that have given me personal freedom and #happiness.
  • Unfiltered, experienced-based opinions of #WordPress.

Aside from these topics, I also use this site to write about #personal events that I have going on in life.

What I’m all about…

I choose to put all my energy into making my passions a reality. My focus is never on the money.

It is a simple life philosophy that has proven to be both incredibly lucrative and fulfilling.

Spending time with my wife Lorena, studying Spanish, training Gracie jiu-jitsu, traveling in Mexico, and playing overly aggressive online chess all keep me balanced.

When I’m not doing those things, I help founders boost their profits.

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