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For as long as I can remember, I have loved to win. I despise losing, so much so that it has always motivated me to outperform my competitors. I suspect that this started as a young child, when my parents enrolled me into every sport imaginable.

I vividly remember one day before a tee ball game, I asked my dad, “who are we fighting today?”

I was five years old.

He corrected me, explaining that we aren’t fighting anyone, but simply playing a game. I was confused, there was no difference in my mind.

If there is one thing I love about entrepreneurship that isn’t mentioned frequently, it’s the thrill of competing (and winning). I suppose some might describe this mentality as “old school”, especially as it relates to business. I believe there are winners and losers, and not everyone gets a trophy because not every has earned one.

When I am in a competition that I care about, I go hard. If you get one over on me, then I acknowledge it and respect your victory – but you better believe that I’m coming back, and even harder.

For me, there is no better way to show respect than by giving an opponent your absolute best. You show respect by running up the score. In business, that means getting more market share, winning customers of competing products, and being the go-to solution in a segment.

Competing makes me happy. It keeps me engaged, excited, and thinking creatively. It is for this reason that I decided to start another software company.


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I am often very hard on myself when it comes to learning Spanish, so I want to take a moment and recognize a breakthrough that I had with the language.


It’s a sad time to be an American.

Well, “embarrassing” is probably a better word.

As if the insanity of weekly mass shootings wasn’t enough, Roe v. Wade was overturned, thrusting the country back 50-years into an America of yesteryear.

It’s no secret: I’m not a Republican. If someone were to ever call me one, I would be deeply offended, an insult among insults. Republican policy today is why the entire world looks at us like we’re crazy. In fact, the only thing that Republicans do well is pass legislation, and it is scary. as. fuck.


We are coming close to halfway through 2022, and I’m checking in on my progress with Spanish. I have been writing about my goals on this site for some time, and I tend to be very honest with my status, probably even a little harsh.

My goal is to eventually look back at these posts, hopefully when I’m effortlessly fluent, and remember the journey that it took to get to that point. I don’t care what you read or hear: learning a second language takes a lot of consistent effort.

So, with that in mind… how are things going?


It’s hard to believe that a year ago, Lorena and I have were married in front of family and close friends! So much has happened in our first year of marriage.

Right after we were married last year, we had an opportunity to see my brother in Colorado (he was visiting his in laws), and then we went to Mexico for an extended amount of time. After those trips, we lived life as a newly married couple, traveling around to family for the holidays and creating memories together in Texas.


This week Lorena and I arrived in Mexico to visit family, and to attend the presentation of our nephew, Diego, in the Catholic Church. In the ceremony, we were also confirmed as Diego’s Godparents. I am incredibly honored that my sister-in-law asked us to take on this role.


Well, it finally happened. The news in this country has pushed me to purchase a security system. These companies are selling piece of mind, and I’m buying!

Over the past month or so, I have been poking around with security systems. This is a really cool industry with numerous major players. Just as many review sites and YouTubers as well! You can quickly go down a rabbit hole trying to determine what is “best” for you.


Today Lorena and I are flying to California, and earlier this week we learned that the mask mandate was lifted for airliners. All the airlines now have an optional mask policy.

This was discouraging news to us because honestly, flying has been one of the least stressful things to do in the pandemic up to now. Everyone was just rockin’ their masks.


Lorena and I just got back from a trip to see family in both Connecticut and Michigan. As has become custom in the pandemic era, we were gone for an extended amount of time. This has its pros and cons (more pros, of course). It also means that we really look forward to our return home once the trip comes to an end.


After the holidays, Lorena and I were pretty wiped-out from the travel. We hopped between five different places in just a few weeks, and the added stress of the COVID spike drained us mentally. When we got back to Austin in January, we were content to stay in one place for a while.