Justin Ferriman


How do you define life?

For me, life is just a series of transitions from one moment to another.

They define our character.

They teach us.

They get easier with experience.

Our reaction to those transitions often dictates if we are stressed or content.

We measure our lives with our transitions because they are what we look back on as our most defining moments.

Embrace your transitions.

Transitions are your life.


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When I was a kid, my parents enrolled me into sports year-round. In the fall I was playing soccer, winter basketball, spring was baseball and soccer, and in the summer I went to soccer camps.

There was a method to this madness. Truth is, I was a pretty mischievous kid and easily found trouble if my time wasnโ€™t filled (even with all these sports, I still managed to drive my parents crazy ๐Ÿ˜†).


WordPress has been a part of my life in one form or another since 2006 when I started my first blog on WordPress.com. I went from a user of their hosted service, to self-hosting websites for family and friends, to starting (and eventually selling) a premium plugin company.


Letโ€™s talk about โ€œsuccessโ€. We are all striving for it, but it's rarely talked about in a specific way.


What is happiness to you?

How do you continue to have vigor for life?

What motivates you daily?


Since selling LearnDash, I have received countless messages of support and congratulations, all of which have further validated my decision that Liquid Web is the perfect new home for the LearnDash brand.

And as you would expect, I also have received a number of questions. Many people wanted to know why I sold in the first place.


I'm about to share you with you a cheat code for losing weight.


Time under tension builds character, but it can also be dangerous. Here is how I deal with stress.


It's scary how we put things into our bodies yet don't have the slightest clue where it comes from. Source local!


It's okay not to like someone. No need to beat yourself up about it.