😖 Not Liking Someone

It's okay not to like someone. No need to beat yourself up about it.

It is under very rare circumstances that I don’t like someone, so when it happens I often think that there is a problem with me rather than the other person.

At least that’s what I thought in my 20s.

I would even go out of my way to be around that person more in hopes that I would understand where I was at fault. Maybe there was something I was missing?

Perhaps you feel that way too. You meet someone and something just doesn't sit right with you, and you have a hard time pinpointing what it is exactly.

Now that I’m a little grayer, I’ve actually learned to trust my intuition. Some people I just don’t mesh with. It doesn’t mean I’m rude to them. I always show respect. I just choose to limit my interaction with them and spend my time with others.

They are not bad people. I just know very much who I am and where my personality, values, and life outlook may clash with someone else.

I like most people, but not everyone. And not everyone will like me. And that’s okay.


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