🏫 Always Be Learning

What is happiness to you?

How do you continue to have vigor for life?

What motivates you daily?

These are questions I have asked myself over the years, and when I think on the answer, I always come to the same conclusion:

Happiness is learning.

Vigor in life is when something I learn becomes useful.

Learning new things is what motivates me daily.

I believe that humans are not meant to be stagnant physically or mentally. If we aren't moving our bodies and minds, we shut down. The easiest way to prevent this is to always be learning.

This doesn't necessarily suggest that you need to learn something new. It can simply be learning an existing skill more deeply. For me, that would be learning to speak Spanish. I could study it my entire life and still never reach the same level as my English — but that doesn't mean I will stop trying!

I recently started a blog written only in Spanish as a way to practice writing and my vocabulary. It's a challenge, but I think I am up for it. I am aiming for a blog post per week on entrepreneurial related topics.

What are you learning?


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