🤠 Life Back in Texas

Lorena and I land back in Austin… But will we stay?

For two months, Lorena and I have been away from home visiting family. First we were in Mexico and then for a short period in Michigan.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the road, but I’m excited to be home in Austin and to get back into a somewhat predictable routine.

Speaking of home, this trip has made me and Lorena think hard about where it is we want to live. There are good things about Austin, but we cannot stand the heat. Almost four months straight of 100+ degree temperatures can really start to take a mental toll.

Granted, we have not even been in the city for a year, so there is still an opportunity to experience some weather without the intense heat. There are certainly aspects about the area that are nice. The property values, no state tax, cost of living, space, sufficient airport, family in Dallas, and population diversity are all positives.

If the weather wasn’t so intense from May through September, we probably wouldn’t second guess Austin. It has a lot going for it.

In the coming months, we will be looking at potential options and taking a few trips. If we decide to move, then that will likely come in a year or so. Or, we will make Austin our home – time will tell!


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