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Seven weeks later and our stay in Mexico is coming to an end.

Lorena and I came to Mexico City for the first time together. For her, it was her first time back home since the pandemic began. And for me, it was my first time ever in Mexico City!

I loved it, and cannot wait to come back!

Mexico is incredibly full of life and culture, far beyond what I ever knew. The food, the people, and the history make for a lively experience that I find hard to match in the United States.

We were able to do quite a bit during our stay, but we also didn’t pack our schedule. First, COVID is still an issue, so we wanted to be safe. But we also just wanted to spend time with family. To live like locals. Even still, we managed to get out to see some sites, such as:

In addition, I got to work on my Spanish (and it definitely needs work).

When we return, I plan to start up my lessons again. My level as of now is around high B1. My goal is to be a strong B2, and that will take a lot more work on my part. Nonetheless, the trip was great for additional practice! My listening comprehension certainly improved, and I picked up local vocabulary.

But now the trip comes to an end, only with a slight detour. Our original plan was to go back to Austin, but I recently received word that my grandmother is gravely ill. As such, Lorena and I will be flying back to Michigan first – a sobering reminder that life waits for no one.

I look forward to returning to Mexico to discover more and to immerse myself into the culture again. As of now, that looks like the new year, but it will depend on the global situation with COVID (which has gotten worse since our time here).


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