3rd BJJ Stripe

Yesterday, it finally happened: I got my third stripe in Gracie jiu-jitsu.

I started doing BJJ in April last year as a way to get some more exercise and learn some useful skills for both fun and self-defense. It also got me out of the house, which was another important factor.

In July, I got my first stripe, and by September, I received my second stripe. I was making good progress, but I was also feeling a little unmotivated by my gym after eight months.

I took a break over the holidays and then looked for a new gym. I tried out a few that were much closer to my home and really enjoyed them, but thats when I re-injured my bicep tendon. It forced me to take time off from all activity.

I thought a lot about BJJ during that time. Its something I want to continue to do as I age, and I talked with the instructor at my original gym about this goal. He was very supportive and really helped me out.

He has since left the gym, but I started to take private lessons slowly as my physical therapy started to work for my injury. Its still not 100% better, but Im able to attend classes now outside of private lessons, and thats when I received my third stripe.

Its been a long journey, but thats something Ive come to realize as Im about to enter into my 40s: dont rush. I look forward to gradually progressing, and (hopefully) staying injury free!


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