🙅‍♂️ WP Business Mistakes

In the competitive world of WordPress products, it's all too common to find yourself trapped in the cycle of insufficient revenue (or no revenue at all), questioning where the disconnect lies between your product and potential customers.

It’s something I come across often, when coaching and when participating in various WordPress communities. As such, I’m writing this post which outlines the most common mistakes I’ve seen by WordPress entrepreneurs.

From targeting an overly niche market to undervaluing the power of compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), each mistake is a barrier to maximizing your earnings.

They are as follows…

Market isn't big enough. Simple economics... there isn't enough demand for the problem you're solving. This is especially true if your product is an add-on for another plugin (i.e. WooCommerce add-on). I've even seen some people create add-ons to add-ons. Best to avoid that, the market will always be too tiny.

Your CTAs are lacking. If you have a free version on the repo, is the pro version enticing enough? That pro version needs to have a unique value that creates anxiety by not having it. That's not to say the free version is bare-bones. Quite the opposite. You need a kick-ass free version to build trust. But once someone has that free version, what's the flow? How do they find out about the pro version? Are there minimal steps to give payment info and get the better features?

Your sales copy is poor. If you're selling a pro version, then don't be afraid to sell. Build hype! You need to be a hype machine on every page of your website. All the stuff that you know already needs to be at play:

You're not easily accessible. Making money without having to talk to people is not a realistic expectation. If you're trying to gain traction, there should be no reason you're not using online chat. At the very least, a very clear “contact us” page or form needs to be visible. Don't make it impossible to contact you.

Your support docs suck. Support documentation is a silent seller. Thorough tutorials with actual images of your software (not artistic renderings). Potential customers will see your level of detail and gain confidence that you'll be there for them should they need help.

You don't get 3rd party, expert opinions. Once you implement these strategies and fill the gaps, you benefit greatly by having your work reviewed by someone who has done it successfully before. I can review what you have now and point you in the right direction.

Email me, and we'll get on the calendar to discuss for an hour. There’s no charge, and we’ll make some progress in your business.


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