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  1. Melissa Layne says:

    Justin, I just received your article in my university’s inbox. Your message is very inspiring as I have experienced the same concept of “relationship” with my new product whilst embarking on the exciting (yet scary) entrepreneurial path. Coincidently, I am using Learndash to serve as the platform for my product which integrates Blockchain. I have evangelized Learndash for various active projects at my university and administration has opened their eyes to this unique platform. While we are starting with an integration with Learndash, we can also integrate with other LMSs as well. Thanks again for the motivational message. It certainly provided me with a fresh perspective in terms of starting to work FOR your business!

    1. Thanks for the comment Melissa (and also for using LearnDash 🙂 ). The path of an entrepreneur can be nerve wracking but being nervous is good. It means you’ll be sharp. It’d be more alarming if you didn’t have reservations.

  2. Great insight, Justin.

    I’ve always worked to serve clients directly (I’ve done around 7,000 1-on-1 recorded coaching sessions, and we record up to 350 sessions at our major monthly events), so I’ve always had this mindset of trying to get to a place where I can serve clients by serving the system that supports them. Very excited to put LearnDash with The Great e-Course Adventure into place to reach this place.

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