💉 Vaccinated!

It took some time, but it finally happened. Lorena and I have received the vaccine. What a year has been, amiright?

Remember the beginning of COVID? Back when it was this mysterious illness from overseas? Back when we could actually count the number of people total that had it in the U.S.?

Over the past year Lorena and I were both fortunate that no one in our family died from the illness. Her uncle got it, and my grandma did in her nursing home. Both of them got through it. In fact, my grandma didn't even show any symptoms.

There was so much we didn't know, but over time it became evident that the danger was very real.

I rememember chuckling when Lorena insisted that I wear gloves when in public. Yet not too long after that I was wearing both gloves and a mask whenever going outside. It was the new normal.

Truth be told, we have gotten used to living during the pandemic. We have a routine. But we also were being vigilant about how we could get the vaccine. At a certain point survival instincts couldn't be ignored anymore.

We are now vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. I personally feel the same as before. I plan on still being cautious (wearing masks... the gloves have long been a thing of the past).

It will be interesting to see the world slowly unravel from all of this. As far as I can tell, COVID vaccines will probably be a regular thing for the foreseeable future. But not all bad has come from this on a personal level. Something I plan on reflecting on in the near future.

For now, Lorena and I rest a little easier knowing that we have made it through the toughest part.


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