😌 Quick Breather

Lorena and I just got back from a trip to see family in both Connecticut and Michigan. As has become custom in the pandemic era, we were gone for an extended amount of time. This has its pros and cons (more pros, of course). It also means that we really look forward to our return home once the trip comes to an end.

But this trip home will be short-lived.

Soon we head out to California, followed by Mexico, which means that we will probably be back in Austin in early June. Similar to the most recent travel, these are family oriented trips.

The time in Mexico will kick off with the presentation of our nephew to the church (we are to be his Godparents). We will also try to plan a trip somewhere while in Mexico to celebrate our one-year anniversary!

Even though this is a busy time, I like the idea of living life instead of life living me (if that makes any sense).

On the professional side of life, there are a few things in the work for both of us that I am excited to write about once we progress a bit further.


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