🙄 No Masks at The Airport

Today Lorena and I are flying to California, and earlier this week we learned that the mask mandate was lifted for airliners. All the airlines now have an optional mask policy.

This was discouraging news to us because honestly, flying has been one of the least stressful things to do in the pandemic up to now. Everyone was just rockin’ their masks.

It’s not the plane that I’m all that concerned with as the air filtration is pretty solid, it’s the airport and the boarding process. Airports are incubators of illness.

When I think back to the pre-pandemic days, I feel like there was a 40% chance I would get sick after flying, especially around the holidays. Everyone is just sitting around coughing and sneezing, multiplied by thousands. I’m not saying I think we need a mask mandate for public places, but yes for public transit. That seems like an insanely obvious choice. At least until we progress more combating COVID.

In any event, we continue to wear our masks. I won’t be mad at someone if they don’t have a mask on, they are just doing what they are permitted to do and to each their own. I’m just annoyed that this happened right before our trip.

And well, chances are that mask mandate will come back by the end of the year given the usual spike of cases.


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