🕵️ Moving Towards Privacy

Recently, I have been thinking more about web privacy and what it means to me. In short, I'm tired of being “spied on” all the time by websites so that they can send me creepy advertisements.

As I reflect on this, I am keenly aware that I am over my head into the data distribution ecosystem.

Every day I use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, iPhone, Google Chrome, Google Fi, and Google Fiber. My life is very much intertwined with these services. Honestly, I'm not sure how to disconnect but still enjoy the benefits that these offer. I guess it's a question of benefit versus cost that I am still trying to determine.

But while I am still working on ways to become a little more anonymous in my personal life, I think about my involvement on the “other” side.

So, I have my personal website: JustinFerriman.com.

Today I went through and removed anything that would “spy” on someone who visits, and then I updated the privacy policy to reflect these changes. The result is probably the shortest privacy policy on the internet.

If you sign up to receive my weekly newsletter, then you can opt out at any time (naturally).

I plan to look at other areas of my personal and professional life to see where I can further respect the privacy of others, as well as defend my privacy. It's a big undertaking, and one that will come with sacrifice, for sure – but I'm sure it's worth it in the end.


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