🛬 Here Comes Connecticut

Lorena and I are off to Connecticut again to visit family. The trip is quick to celebrate a couple of birthdays, but it’s means a little more than that to me.

A year ago, visiting Connecticut was the first trip Lorena and I took together, and it was the first time I met her family.

Fast-forward to today, and so much has happened. We were engaged, moved to Austin, Lorena left her corporate job, we got married, traveled some more, I sold LearnDash, and now Lorena’s fitness business is starting to gain momentum. We are only just starting our lives together, and we have created some incredible memories already.

It’s always easy (and fun) to look ahead and what is to come, but I have always been someone who looks back at the path traveled. We lived a lot of great life this year, although it wasn’t without a little heartache.

One year later and life is so much different. I am not meeting strangers for the first time, I am part of the family, and it feels good.


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