🌞 California Sunshine

It’s a few months into 2022, and we have booked our first trip!

Instead of one of our planned travel destinations, Lorena and I have decided to head out to SoCal for a last minute mini-getaway. This came about rather suddenly, which made it exciting to plan in just a few hours time.

This is the result of both of us were feeling like we needed a little break from the everyday routine and location. The recent weather in Texas hasn’t been doing us any favors either as it has been gray, rain, and chilly for the entire week.

So, to cure us of these blues, we’ll be heading to southern California for a little sun and a change of pace. We’ll be looking at a little real estate while there as well – because, why not? We won’t be in Texas forever, so we are keeping an eye out for inspiration.

We booked our Airbnb in Orange County and will be exploring the beach towns that it has to offer. And I must admit, I am looking forward to hearing, seeing, and smelling the ocean!


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