💪 Secret to Fitness

The fitness industry has a secret that it does not want you to know. Well, I am about to tell you!

I love the fitness industry. In fact, one day Lorena and I plan on having a health & fitness related business in some capacity.

But the industry has a secret. Well, not really a secret, but something that is conveniently ignored. No matter which workout program you like best, they all rely upon one critical factor for success: consistency.

If you consistency do a physical activity then you will lose weight and/or gain muscle. That's not rocket science. I think deep down we all know that.

The difficult part of fitness is the other side of the equation: food.

For years I have worked out, my entire life in fact. My diet rarely changed though. So, what I ate in my 20s I tried to eat in my 30s. It didn't work. I gained weight. I looked okay, but every metric would say I was overweight.

The big change for me was when I stopped drinking alcohol. All those empty calories were gone and so too the crap food that I would eat when drinking. Not surprisingly, I lost weight. My muscles became more defined. I had more energy. I saw the desired results.

I think humans like to overcomplicate things. We gravitate towards complex explanations and reasoning because accepting the simplest answer just doesn't feel right sometimes. The simple answer to fitness is this: do physical activity every day (doesn't have to be strenuous), and don't eat like shit.

That's really all there is to it!


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