🍅 Food From Local Farms

It's scary how we put things into our bodies yet don't have the slightest clue where it comes from. Source local!

Over the weekend, I tweeted a picture of me on a tractor.

If you missed it, it's the one above.

As natural as I look in that element, there's a reason I am at this farm.

Lorena and I have decided to level-up our health habits. We have always exercised, but lately have started being more regular (as in doing something daily). But as you probably know, food is arguably the most important part of the fitness equation.

Without getting onto a soapbox, let's just say that the food available in grocery stores (even organic options) aren't always the best. The reality is that you really don't know much about the produce and meat you buy unless you know the source.

And that's what we did over the weekend!

The picture of me on the tractor was taken at Urban Roots Farm in Austin, Texas. More than a farm, it's a nonprofit designed to empower the city's youth. From their website:

Urban Roots provides today's young leaders with paid opportunities to grow food, learn new skills, and make a difference in their community.

So, not only are we getting locally sourced vegetables, but by purchasing produce at the farm, we are helping their youth program as well. Double score!

We got our produce bag, which consisted of locally grown carrots, beets, sage, cilantro, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes. The tomatoes were remarkable. I've never tasted a tomato with such a rich, deep flavor.

The farm only has produce, so we have been trying different local farms for products such as beef, chicken, and eggs. We found these at Shirttail Creek Farm.

Super important to me and Lorena is that the chickens and cattle are treated properly according to the Global Animal Partnership's 5-Step Welfare Rating. Shirttail Creek Farm met this requirement. We picked up some grass fed beef (grass is better than grain fed), pasture raised chicken, and pasture raised chicken eggs.

I particularly loved the eggs. Unlike the eggs that you get at the local grocery store, these weren't all the same size. That alone made me feel like it was more authentic. Some were large, others a bit smaller, but all were great!

The only thing we are missing is something for fish. For now, the salmon from Whole Foods will have to do.

I will be the first to admit that all of this is pretty new to me, but I'm enjoying learning more as we go. I love that we have initiatives like Urban Roots Farm nearby to support.

I encourage you to take a minute to do a quick Google search for local produce in your area. Aside from being a great way to support your local farmers and ranchers, you get the piece of mind knowing exactly where the food you put into your body comes from.


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