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  1. Excellent Writeup Justin.

    I do use “WP” and “Press” like WPBrigade is my WP Dev Agency and LoginPress is just a login customiser for WordPress.

    but my Product Analytify is not limited to WordPress though we started first from WordPress πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚ I really like the “Analytify” product name and can see how you would be more easily able to enter various markets.

  2. Thanks for the great post. And what can I say, it has worked for me for a decade πŸ˜‰

    1. Justin Ferriman says:

      Thanks Bob! I like WP for what you do – it clearly articulates what you’re all about and the value you bring!

  3. Great post but let me share something with you, my web agency is Objects which we started in 2011 later we find ourselves working a lot in WP so we started a subsidiary called as you suggested sometimes it’s good to stick with “WP” and we are soon starting a blog related to WordPress with the domain name ” ” πŸ˜€

    1. Justin Ferriman says:

      You got That’s a great domain!

  4. Justin! Love the post…

    A few years back I was having lunch with my parents and I was explaining to them the business I wanted to start. They are not “techies” but they have plenty of experience in retail marketing.

    So I tell them that I just sold (lead gen to migrating websites from Weebly/Wix/Squarespace to WordPress) and wanted to create a WordPress support business specializing in fixing websites.

    So I pitch the names like “WP Support”, “WP Mechanics”, “WP Tech Support”, “WP Fixes”, etc…

    And then my mother stops me and says… What’s “WOO POO”???!!!

    Call your business FIX MY SITE! It tells the customer exactly what you do!

    Naturally, the domain was taken but at least it was for sale. I send an inquiry and when the owner returned with his asking price, I nearly fainted!

    I tell my parents, and they told me to buy it! (Mom told me that I need to have courage, stop being a cheapo, and believe in the business)

    So I emptied my piggy bank and bought FIXMYSITE.COM.

    Best decision ever!!!

    It gave immediate credibility to the business. Customers trusted us from day one. The support business is filled with fly-by-night operations, and I believe our domain really allowed us to stand out from the competition.

    So yeah… Dropped the “WOO POO” and went for a descriptive .COM domain.

    1. Justin Ferriman says:

      Thanks William. Gotta love parents… they have a way of bringing our ideas back down to earth! haha

      Sounds like changing your business name changed your business for the better! πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Justin,

    Choosing a brand name is a real challenge. Even more if you don’t have a great ambition at the start.

    For WPMarmite, I launched this blog to share WordPress tutorials, reviews and training for the french WP ecosystem.

    In 2020, I wanted to go further by going global. The name isn’t perfect as it can recall the british “Marmite” but that’s fine.

    As I’m not going to leave the WordPress ecosystem, the WP prefix is great πŸ™‚

    However, if I ever launch a plugin business, I’ll not include WP or Press in the brand. Reaching a larger market can be an objective after a few years.

    Knowing that the brand is ready for a such challenge give a peace of mind.

    1. Justin Ferriman says:

      Thanks for sharing a bit about your business Alex. Sounds like including WP makes sense for you and your target audience. And you’re right: if you do go the product route, not using “WP” is probably the right choice.

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