I Will Help You Grow Your

E-Learning Business.

Position Your E-Learning Brand to Win

If you aren’t Top 3 in your vertical then you are losing, and it all starts with your brand positioning.

I have grown an award winning e-learning company (with zero outside investment) by strategically positioning our brand. Using these same best-practices I created and grew my own industry leading LMS platform.

I will help you avoid making costly mistakes and give you a clear, actionable path towards your desired goals.

E-Learning Inbound Marketing

An inbound marketing strategy for the e-learning industry isn’t just about getting visits to your website. Your brand and prospective customer journey must be in sync – and you have only 5 seconds to get it right.

I know how to turn visitors into customers, without bashing them over the head.

Justin Ferriman

E-Learning Entrepreneur



What You Can Expect.

“Justin provided some valuable insights about his knowledge of the market and helped me to get focus on where to concentrate first. He suggested some tried and tested, yet low-cost marketing activities relevant to what I wanted to achieve.”

Pat K.

“Justin’s advice was exhaustive and immediately applicable. His first-hand experience and success gives him credibility, and it gave me confidence to move forward with my project.”

Wayne K.

“I appreciate how well you listened to my concerns and helped to further my understanding of learning technologies, courseware design strategies, and marketing strategies. Your integrity and professionalism was greatly appreciated.”

Laurie H.

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