7-Months Owning a Dog

Dogs are a joy, but not always enjoyable.

For years Kloé and I have contemplated getting a dog, and finally this year we decided to take the plunge.

In April we brought Romy into our home and she has been a welcomed addition. Well, except for the cat. She’s not a fan.

Entering mile two…

Romy is a French Brittany Spaniel which means she was bread to be a hunting dog.

Except we don’t hunt

So, we have a really energetic dog that needs heavy stimulation to replace what she’d normally get “out in the field”. 🙂

This means we go for walks. A lot of walks. Four to six miles a day walks. Needless to say my health has definitely improved since getting a dog. Seriously, if you are looking to make a healthy lifestyle change then forget starving yourself with diets, just get a dog. They’re more enjoyable anyhow.

Besides walks though she has a good number of “dog friends” that she gets to wrestle with every week, so that helps to deplete her energy levels as well.

While our experience with the dog has been a positive one, it doesn’t mean that we always enjoy it. Honestly, having a dog with this amount of energy can be a lot of work. Some days are definitely harder than others.

If you are thinking about getting an dog then make sure you heavily research the breed. If the breed is a hunting breed then here are some things you can expect…

  • Three walks a day (mileage depending on breed)
  • Super intelligent, to the point where the trouble they get into is pretty sophisticated
  • Multiple “fetch” play sessions each day
  • Always on alert and will run to the nearest window to look for (bark at) God-knows-what because you didn’t hear anything

Some days dealing with the above can be a challenge, but these are also the qualities that make up the personality we enjoy so much.

As someone who has always been more of a cat person I can say that getting a dog has made life a lot more interesting. More laughs, new challenges, and new life habits.

Plus, one positive byproduct about all these walks is that I get a lot of time to think about our business. I’ve come up with some really creative ideas while hiking through the forest. Something I would otherwise be missing out on.

While I am by no means a seasoned dog owner, my only piece of advice would be to make sure you research the hell out of various breeds before you get a dog (assuming you don’t go the rescue route) so that you can get a dog that fits best with your lifestyle. You will be happier, and so will the dog.