My Grateful List for 2018

My health (for real this time).

More than ever before I have come aware that without your health, nothing else really matters. This year I have unfortunately seen friends, family, and acquaintances go through their own personal health battles.

In some cases it is just a symptom of aging, and others have been flat-out bad luck. Watching them go through this has made me realize that I have taken my health for granted. For years I have had unhealthy habits as I always had youth on my side.

Seeing others go through their own personal struggles has made me take stock of my own situation. I am now being more mindful of what I eat and drink. I have started to exercise to five days per week as well (whereas previously I’d manage two to three times a week).

Making the transition to five days of exercise per week was challenging at first, but now it has become part of my routine. My secret to staying committed is to vary my workouts in both routine and duration. For example, some days I go for a run, others I am lifting weights, kayaking, bike riding, and so on. I may workout for an hour, or perhaps twenty-five minutes depending on the day. The variety keeps me from getting bored and making it feel like a chore.

This new routine has me feeling better than ever before physically. There is still room for improvement as my diet still contains too much sodium for my liking, but I am happy with my progress.

My support network.

As is the case with most of us, I went through some highs and lows the past few years. I am fortunate to have a network of supportive friends and family who have been there for me. I generally keep things to myself, but even if I don’t call on them it’s comforting to know that they are always there if needed.

Business growth.

Entrepreneurship is often about never being satisfied – always pushing for the “next thing”. But when I take a moment to just look at where we are today versus just two years ago, I am in awe. A lot of hard work from countless people has solidified LearnDash as not just a WordPress plugin, but an industry recognized learning management system. Every meaningful business metric is positive, can’t ask for more than that.

Travel opportunities.

I had the opportunity to go to California, Nevada, Florida (twice), Alabama, Grand Rapids, and Nashville in 2018. Coming up early next year is Europe. I always have fun experiencing new places domestically or abroad. Looking forward to visiting family in Germany and heading down to France to see some friends (and to show off my French speaking skills).

My cat.

Giving a shout-out to my cat, who I find myself talking to more than I’d like to admit.

She’s a good listener.